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When I was 4 I watched the Lion King video tape so many times until it actually broke. Obviously at that age I couldn’t articulate a rational reason for this obsession, but 22 years later (and still just as obsessed with that film) I can say that I am drawn to the way it both encapsulates the beauty and infinite wonder of creation, but also speaks such an intensely moving and raw story of life - all the while being accessible to all ages.


After having my own experiences of heartbreak, finding deeper truth in my faith and growing a deeper appreciation for the beauty around me, I found art was a way I could explore the world and express my experiences. Like the Lion King, I hope my work can capture beauty, truth and life in a way that connects with people.


I communicate my ideas through oil paintings and I use the classical techniques I learned during my time studying the Old Masters in Florence to help me to create each piece. Currently I am based in Oxford and I have a gallery and studio there called ‘Jungle’, which I co-run with a local charity to run events and workshops for the surrounding community.


Right now I am illustrating a book on the Psalms which is a follow up from the book ‘Unveiled’ written by my mother Clare Hayns.


If you have any questions, are interested in a commission or to own one of my originals, please don’t hesitate to contact me - I would love to start a conversation with you.

News and upcoming projects and shows:

New book on the Psalms: Micah is currently working on 30 pictures to illustrate a book on the Psalms which is being written by his mother Clare Hayns. A follow up to their previous book Unveiled and will be released in 2024.


JUNGLE Art Gallery: He is currently exhibiting and working at his new gallery called JUNGLE in Templars Square, Oxford which is open Monday, Thursday 10-3pm and Saturday 11-4pm. Come and visit!

Jungle Gallery Trailer

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